Moving To Alaska

Whether you’re transferring within your company, being reassigned by the military, or simply looking for a new adventure, the prospect of moving to Alaska can come with a mixture of emotions — and lots and lots of questions. If you’re planning or considering an Alaska move, check out these resources to help you prepare.


Advice for those considering moving to Alaska

All moving-related threads on r/Alaska Relocating to Alaska

Job postings and homebuying resources from the State of Alaska. Moving to Alaska

“Take a look around to learn about housing, education, the cost of living, and other factors that will help you decide about relocating to Alaska.”

World Wide Movers: Moving to Alaska is exciting, and requires some unique planning

“Whether they’re changing military duty stations, experiencing a corporate relocation or making a personal choice to live in the frontier, moving to Alaska seems to put everyone on the edge of their seats in anticipation of such a monumental life change.”


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